Atlantic Farms prides itself on having a knowledgeable and caring staff. As firm believers in the medical benefits of cannabis, we employ people of like mind who strive to educate others on the numerous benefits and applications of this medicine.

Finn is a Budtender here at Atlantic Farms and is very talented in any and all things music & art related. He is the eldest of six, and loves living in Maine because of the vast outdoor opportunities and the all of the historically great cannabis (though Headband is his favored strain). His favorite thing about working at AF is the amazing crew that he gets to work alongside. When Finn is not at the store you can find him guiding sea kayaking tours in Casco Bay, or kicking his feet up with a nice glass of red wine after a long day.









John is a Manager for the Atlantic Farms Retail Store and loves a nice sativa strain. When he’s not at work John practices Jiu-Jitsu and loves an ice-cold glass of high quality H2O. John’s favorite thing about managing at AF is hearing about how cannabis is helping our customers every day, while simultaneously working with our beautiful flower. He absolutely loves the warmth of the summer in Maine, and if there are waves you better believe he’s in the water catching them.





Aimee is our Office Administrator here at Atlantic Farms. You might have spotted her if you attended any shows during the fall 1995 Phish tour. She loves utilizing her chopstick skills to weigh out our product, while also enjoying good tunes and good company. Aimee is an avid traveler and can be found either be skiing or relaxing on the beach…depending on the season. When she’s not at Atlantic Farms you can find her DJ-ing up a storm around town, or enjoying one of her favorite AF Cherry Cookie Bluntcones while working on her bead-weaving.


Office Administrator

Sarah is a Budtender here at Atlantic Farms and loves creating a fun and welcoming environment at work. Originally from San Antonio Texas, she now lives in Gorham where she loves to work on her garden. Her favorite part about Maine is the people (but mostly Susan’s Fish & Chips), and experiencing the beauty that autumn has to offer. On her days off you can find her working on her photography or hanging with her husband and their two cats, Dolly and Maggie.


Assistant Manager

Jeremy is a production associate here at Atlantic Farms. Originally from Westbrook, he currently resides in Gorham, Maine with his high school sweetheart, their two children, and cat Neely. When Jeremy isn’t at work, he loves spending time with his family in the outdoors, whether it be camping, hiking, or ice-skating when his favorite season calls for it. If it’s Winter and Jeremy finds a good untouched pond to shovel off and skate on he is in his happy place. Jeremy’s favorite thing about Atlantic Farms are the delicious concentrates that he gets to help produce and the friendliness of the colleagues that he gets to work with every day. He loves to help make quality products for a company that he says cares deeply for their employees and patients.


Product Manager

Cat is an Marketing Coordinator for the Atlantic Farms Retail Store and is a self- proclaimed “Indica Gal” who loves roaming around the Maine woods in the middle of autumn. She is the mother of two cats who sometimes acts like they love her back, and spends her time trying to keep her plants alive. Cat’s favorite thing about working at AF is making sure everyone has a positive experience while in the store, whether it be customers or fellow employees. When she’s not at work, you can find her lounging on the beach with a cold beer or watching a horror movie, sometimes simultaneously.


Marketing Coordinator

Tim is our fearless Production Manager here at Atlantic Farms. Originally hailing from Middletown, Rhode Island, he now calls West Baldwin, Maine his home. It’s there he resides with his handsome dog Wilson, his bountiful garden, and his flock of free-range chickens. Tim’s favorite Atlantic Farms products are the live dabs that come from our seasonal harvest and he can also be found sipping on a delicious medicated lemonade from time to time. When he’s not at work, you can find Tim cooking a scrumptious meal, romping around with his pup, or kayaking on the Saco. As Atlantic Farms’ first employee, his favorite thing has been being able to watch the company grow from its roots.


Production Manager

Farm Crew

Sondra is a production employee at Atlantic Farms and lives in Portland. Her favorite things about living here in Maine include the beautiful Fall seasons that we get to experience and the wonderful people that reside here. Her favorite thing about working at AF is the family environment that her coworkers create as well as getting to work with our farm-fresh Glue Dog flower. On a day off, Sondra loves smoking a Headband joint, grabbing her binoculars, and spending the day Bird Watching.





Jackson received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine at Orono. A professional background as a mechanical design engineer developing industrial automation provided the opportunity to learn the skills required to bring projects from concept to completion. This experience also exposed Mr. McLeod to the world of Lean Manufacturing, minimizing waste of any manufacturing process without affecting productivity. In addition to Mr. McLeod’s engineering experience, he co-founded Fluid Farms, an organic produce company focused on greenhouse production. This experience developed the skill sets needed to upstart a small-scale produce company and successfully manage greenhouse production while maintaining food safety as the number one priority. In the process of building Fluid Farms Mr. McLeod raised nine thousand dollars through a Kickstarter project and one hundred-thousand dollars in several equity deals. The experience gained over 6 six years of growing and running an agriculture business is invaluable. Lastly, Mr McLeod has been a registered caregiver under Maine’s Medical Marijuana program since 2011. This experience exposed Mr. McLeod to the horticultural skill sets needed to successfully manage indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cannabis production. Additionally Mr. McLeod constructed and operated light-deprivation greenhouses for the 2017 grow season, doubling seasonal production and his horticulture knowledge base.


Rocco a Rhode Island native, received a degree in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Maine in Orono. Shortly after graduation, he went on to become a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument specialist and began his career of helping the hearing impaired regain connection with the sounds, and people in their life. With his passion for helping people, Rocco is also the Audiology Dept. head for NEVOSH, a nonprofit group that runs annual medical missions to Central America. Over his first 4 years, Rocco grew 4 profitable practices across the state of Maine for Beltone New England, by focusing on the patient experience and ability to learn and grow his knowledge and skill set in Medical/Retail sales. After 4 years of consistent top level sales performance, Rocco was promoted to Regional director, and now leads a team of 45 employees across 27 practices in the Northern New England market which topped 12 million dollars in revenue in 2017. The last 3.5 years of managing his territory (ME, NH, VT, MA), has taught him a keen understanding of how to develop high performing teams using the EOS system (Entrepreneurial operating system), which focuses on process, accountability, core values, and efficient flow of information in the organization. Rocco has a natural ability to develop meaningful relationships with the team he leads. The emerging cannabis market presents an amazing opportunity for him to apply these skills for Atlantic Farms 3 retail locations..