Duddy’s Record Corner

One of the favorite pastimes of the Atlantic Farms team is listening to and discussing music.  We constantly have tunes playing in the retail store, and find that the right album can set the pace for a happy and productive day serving our medical cannabis patients.  Certain albums and artists receive lots of airtime, and we thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight a perfect record to pair with the flower currently being sold on our shelves.

This week’s selection is Atlas, by Ridgewood New Jersey’s Real Estate.  Released in March of 2014, Atlas is one of my all-time favorite road trip albums.  Each of the songs share a similar hazy aesthetic, with interlocking guitar lines layered over drums that are always just slightly dragging the tempo.  However, far from being slow-paced, the entire record has a forward momentum that will prompt many repeat listens, especially in the car.  For a taste of the album, check out “Crime.”

Looking for an Atlantic Farms flower to pair with Atlas?  Check out Sherb Crasher from Yani Cannabis.  This lively hybrid is perfect for trying out in your favorite outdoor space, preferably with some great tunes on in the background.  Pick some up on our website!


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