In-Store Shopping at Atlantic Farms!

Hey Atlantic Farms Community,

We are now allowing masked in-store shopping at Atlantic Farms!  Stop by any day of the week from 10AM-7PM to peruse some of best medical cannabis in Portland.  We’re so excited to show off our newly renovated budroom, and reconnect with all of you in person!

Also, if you’re still feeling a little wary about coming into the store, no problem!  Our online ordering system is fully functional and updated to the minute with all of our in-store offerings.

However you want to shop at Atlantic Farms we’re happy to accomodate!


See you soon,


The Atlantic Farms Staff



3 thoughts on “In-Store Shopping at Atlantic Farms!

  1. AllenMcDonald says:

    I mistakingly went to your store,believing I could purchase CBD oil. My son had suggested to go there. As I enter your store I was immediately asked to wait out side. I wasn’t ware of the max 4 customer. When a customer left I entered. The sales lady notice my entry and came out from beyond the counter and blocked my entrance. She question me about my being there and asked If I had a med card, in which I wasn’t aware of and stated. Though I felt I was a safe distance from her she motion me to back up which I did. I will admit my appearance was (as my wife jokingly said I could have pass for a homeless person) because of a previous chores at my resident. After I left I sat in my auto and notice later customer walking in with no hassle. I also notice the sales clerk had no problem being with in 6ft. of other customers and doing transaction over the counter. I had my mask on and stated to her that I’ve had my 2 shots (covd) .I’m not an insecure personality or self-conscious. I believe what my wife suggested that my appearance probably had to do with the employee attitude. I hope that maybe we we’re wrong as never can I ever remember feeling this way at any time . The more I gave it thought (after looking in the mirror lol) I do believe that my appearance may have had much to do with her attitude.

    • Matt Duddy says:

      Hey Allen,

      I’m so sorry if you felt that you were unfairly judged during your last visit to the store. Currently we have a 4 person limit in the building, so it may have been that we were full in the dispensary originally. Also, if you were just interested in CBD, we carry all of those products on the front side of the business. If you were looking to visit the dispensary in the back of the building you would need a med card in order to purchase products that contain THC. I hope that you’ll give us another chance to serve you in the future.



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