Maine Out Of State Resident Update

Update: There was a recent policy shift effective immediately in Maine when it comes to accepting out of state medical cards. The previous requirement for out of state patients to provide a Doctors letter and fill out a designation form has now been waived, thus making it much easier for out of state patients to procure Cannabis products! You now need to simply provide your out of state medical card and ID.

Medical Marijuana in Maine

Even if you’re not looking to become the next star in a Stephen King novel, Maine is a stunning place with friendly, down-to-earth place with accommodating locals known for their dry whit and snappy sense of humor. Whether you’re touring the quintessential lighthouse-abundant coastlines, or going north up to camp. Maine won’t let you down. Maine legalized cannabis in 2016, so whether or not you’ve got a patient registry card for your state, it is legal to possess and use cannabis, and retail sales are coming soon.

Maine Medical Marijuana Quick Facts

  • Maine’s Possession Limits: 2 1/2 ounces for visiting patients with a valid state issued medical card and accompanying state ID.
  • Driving under the influence of Marijuana is illegal
  • Smoking in public areas is not permitted

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