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Peak Season In Maine – Atlantic Farms Summer Guide

Summer in Maine is a special time…..From the amazing water we have in our rivers and lakes, to the sheer beauty and ruggedness or our beaches and coast, there are endless opportunities to enjoy and experience this great state. There is no doubt about it, that the extreme seasons we experience throughout a typical year, [Read More…]

Maine Out Of State Resident Update

Update: There was a recent policy shift effective immediately in Maine when it comes to accepting out of state medical cards. The previous requirement for out of state patients to provide a Doctors letter and fill out a designation form has now been waived, thus making it much easier for out of state patients to [Read More…]

Maine Recreational Marijuana Update

Maine legalized recreational marijuana in 2016 but due to various factors still doesn’t have a commercial marketplace for cannabis. Regulators say they at least have a plan for what the marketplace will look like. Right now they are projecting to have it setup and running by spring of 2020. Naturally, Maine’s medical marijuana industry growers, [Read More…]