Duddy’s Record Corner

One of the favorite pastimes of the Atlantic Farms team is listening to and discussing music.  We constantly have tunes playing in the retail store, and find that the right album can set the pace for a happy and productive day serving our medical cannabis patients.  Certain albums and artists receive lots of airtime, and we thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight a perfect record to pair with the flower currently being sold on our shelves.

My personal selection this week is the self-titled debut of Cajun singer songwriter Bobby Charles.  Released in 1972, Bobby Charles is a lost gem.  Accompanied by members of The Band, Bobby meanders through 10 songs of swampy folk and funk that are perfect for listening to on a lazy Sunday morning.  His arrangements are unhurried, and the contributions of the secondary players on the record give each song the feeling of a friendly jam session.  For a taste of the album, check out “Small Town Talk.”

Looking for an Atlantic Farms flower to pair with Bobby Charles?  Head to our website to place an order for some Kimbo Kush, cultivated with care by Gasland Farms.  This mellow indica is expertly cured, and an excellent treat as we ease into spring.


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