Duddy’s Record Corner

One of the favorite pastimes of the Atlantic Farms team is listening to and discussing music.  We constantly have tunes playing in the retail store, and find that the right album can set the pace for a happy and productive day serving our medical cannabis patients.  Certain albums and artists receive lots of airtime, and we thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight a perfect record to pair with the flower currently being sold on our shelves.

Recorded in 1971, Purdie Good is a six-song instrumental masterpiece by famed session drummer Bernard “Pretty” Purdie.  Purdie is best known for his musical contributions to both Aretha Franklin and Steely Dan albums, as well as developing the “Purdie Half-Time Shuffle,” a drum pattern that can be heard on everything from “Walking on the Moon” by the Police to “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin.  Purdie’s drumming is consistently tasteful, and his back-up players know just when to add a little extra intensity to push these compositions over the top.    Check out the cover of James Brown’s “Cold Sweat” for an idea of the vibrant and funky themes present throughout the record.

Looking for an Atlantic Farms flower to pair with Purdie Good?  Check out Grapeology, a gassy indica grown by Paul’s Boutique.  It’s the perfect combination for a lazy spring afternoon.  Head to our online menu to order some right now.

See you around the store,