Duddy’s Record Corner

One of the favorite pastimes of the Atlantic Farms team is listening to and discussing music.  We constantly have tunes playing in the retail store, and find that the right album can set the pace for a happy and productive day serving our medical cannabis patients.  Certain albums and artists receive lots of airtime, and we thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight a perfect record to pair with the flower currently being sold on our shelves.

Released on January 26th, 2010 Teen Dream marked the moment that Beach House transitioned from critical darlings to indie rock superstars.  The Baltimore-based band had previously released two records distinguished especially by their use of layered organ and slippery slide guitar work.  Lead singer Victoria Legrand and multi-instrumentalist Alex Scally used drum machines and meandering tempos to craft slow motion oceans of reverb that favored space and atmosphere over specific lyrics.  These early albums are pleasant to listen to, however, Teen Dream elevated their signature sound to another level.  The keyboards are more crisp, the guitar work more distinct, and the reverb drenched vocals are dialed back in favor of thoughtful songs of longing and love.  This is a record perfect for soundtracking a float down a slow moving river, or a sunset over the Eastern Promenade.  Check out their Pitchfork TV live set for a great example of the Beach House vibe.

Looking for an Atlantic Farms flower to pair with Teen Dream by Beach House?  Check out Blueberry Headband, grown by Loud and Local.  This fruit-forward hybrid is certain to set up a perfect summer day.  Head to our website to order some now.


See you around the store,