Duddy’s Record Corner

One of the favorite pastimes of the Atlantic Farms team is listening to and discussing music.  We constantly have tunes playing in the retail store, and find that the right album can set the pace for a happy and productive day serving our medical cannabis patients.  Certain albums and artists receive lots of airtime, and we thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight a perfect record to pair with the flower currently being sold on our shelves.

Released on April 30th, 2020 Live Vol 1. was recorded by Parcels at Hansa Studios, an establishment frequented by Bowie and Iggy Pop in the 70’s and adjacent to the remnants of the Berlin Wall.  Though they had previously gained notoriety through their debut album and collaboration with Daft Punk, Live Vol. 1 is the record where Parcels particular disco-funk aesthetic came to my attention.  What’s most striking about their live set is how tight the band is.  There are no flubbed notes, the harmonies are spot on, and the songs are exceptionally catchy.

Looking for an Atlantic Farms flower to pair with Live Vol. 1?  Check out Bay Dream, a sweet sativa grown with care by Mac’s Treehouse.  Head to our website to order some now!  It’s a perfect combination for a great start to your Fourth of July weekend.


See you around the store,