Maine Recreational Marijuana Update

Maine legalized recreational marijuana in 2016 but due to various factors still doesn’t have a commercial marketplace for cannabis. Regulators say they at least have a plan for what the marketplace will look like. Right now they are projecting to have it setup and running by spring of 2020. Naturally, Maine’s medical marijuana industry growers, caregivers and entrepreneurs are eager to get a better understanding of what the future is going to look like. Some early drafts of legislation have recently been released to the public which is causing some alarm for what has traditionally since the inception of the state’s medical program been a largely grassroots, localized, and thriving statewide industry.

Maine Legislature to Vote on Draft Regulations in June

Ultimately, it comes down to the way the cards fall with Maine’s adult-use commercial market. Stay tuned! We will continue to provide updates in regards to Maine’s implementation of Recreational Cannabis.

1 thoughts on “Maine Recreational Marijuana Update

  1. Sarah Smith says:

    It’s interesting that recreational marijuana requires commercial marketplace regulations in addition to being legal. I wonder if that means that you can buy recreational marijuana in another state and use it in a state that doesn’t yet have a commercial marketplace. I’ll have to look into this more before I visit a recreational dispensary.

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