Peak Season In Maine – Atlantic Farms Summer Guide

Summer in Maine is a special time…..From the amazing water we have in our rivers and lakes, to the sheer beauty and ruggedness or our beaches and coast, there are endless opportunities to enjoy and experience this great state. There is no doubt about it, that the extreme seasons we experience throughout a typical year, can really impact and effect us in so many ways. With the tranquility and calmness of summer, there is no better time way to enjoy your favorite cannabis product outdoors as well. Just make sure to follow state and local guidelines. We hope you will enjoy some of Atlantic Farms favorite summer activities and spots to check out below, to experience all summer has to offer in Maine!

Maine Island Trail Association

The Maine Island Trail is America’s first water trail. Spanning 375 miles and connecting 200 Islands, MITA is a membership based organization who’s purpose is to protect and enjoy the wild islands of Maine thru stewardship and conservation. There is no better way to experience this peak season in Maine, then exploring and camping on one of these fine islands. There are several Islands that are first come first serve and free to the public, for those interested in checking it out. For information, you can visit, and start exploring the most beautiful places on the Maine Coast.

Franklin County

With Peak season, Franklin County and the Northwest mountains of Maine cannot be forgotten. From Mountain Biking on Carrabassett Valley’s extensive network of trails, to enjoying Rangeley and Flagstaff Lakes, this area has so much to offer in Peak Season. Hosting 8/14 of Maine’s 4,000 ft mountains, day or overnight hikes are abundant with the Bigelow Range being a top pick for Atlantic Farms. Being prepared for bugs is key, and dont forget to stop into Rolling Fatties for a burrito on your way thru. For more information visit ,

Beaches to Explore

Whether you are ready to take a dip in Maine’s cold refreshing water, enjoy some vitamin D, or would like to learn how to surf, visiting the beach during the peak season is worth the effort with roads and towns bustling. With the wave size down, this is great for beginners and folks looking to try it out. If you have never surfed or want to check out a great shop on the way to the beach, Ryan and Andy at Black Point Surf Shop in Scarborough is a awesome place. Between Higgins Beach, Popham Beach, York Beach, Old Orchard Beach, Scarborough Beach, Reid State Park options are endless so get out there!


As we reach the midpoint in the summer and water temperatures climb, fishing both in the ocean and freshwater shifts from the May / June early season. On the ocean, schoolies and larger fish have spread out to the beach’s and ledges, and are less likely to be concentrated in the river estuaries as they are early season. Crab Patterns, Mackeral, Pogie, and sand eel flys are where I have had the best luck. For freshwater similar changes occur this time of year, as temps rise the Trout become less active and also tend to stay in deeper cooler water. This can mean either switching to trolling, or Small mouth bass fishing….This is a great way to enjoy peak Season, and options are plentiful in the Androscoggin for those looking to stay in southern Maine.

Farmers Markets / Stands

With summer season, comes plentiful opportunities to eat local produce and products and support Maine Farmers. With over 130 Farmers Markets happening each day in Maine, options are available all over. There is no better way to enjoy the Peak season, then eating some of the fine products grown statement. This can also mean special and unique cannabis edible products. For more information on a farmers market near you visit

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