4 thoughts on “Walk In Medical Marijuana Certifications March 14th & 28th!

  1. Dave says:

    Best dispensary I’ve found, and I’ve tried all of them from Sanford to Portland, I’ve been a cardholder since it first started all those years ago love you guys

  2. Bill Kenny says:

    Been a extremely satisfied customer here for over eight months now. I have now tried other cannabis stores in the area and it has me loving AF even MORE. I will not use names but the other shops have far less variety at a higher price. And the staffs were the big difference because the staff here at AF is simply fantastic

  3. bill kenny says:

    I was a cleaning supervisor and operations manager for over 30 years. For sanitation may I suggest a ozone generator. You would need to seal off the flower from it but it would sanitize your entire store in about an hour. 100% effective.

  4. Zackery Gray says:

    Medical marijuana cards! Will you be open for this? If not who can i call to get a copy of my medical card due to misplacing the last card. Thank you!

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