Spring on the farm! Greenhouse #1 and #2 are loaded

Spring on the farm!

With the passing of Maine Maple Sunday, days are getting longer and warmer on the farm and it feels great!

The Farm Team has been extremely busy with various preparation and projects, propagation and cloning, along with preparing and cycling our mother plants.  We are super excited that this year we planted greenhouse #1 on March 10th, and Greenhouse #2 about a week and a half after that. This is over a month earlier than we have ever planted out the greenhouses, and this adjustment was made after analyzing the past few seasons of running these Rimmol Nor’easter Greenhouses. The benefit to this adjustment is the light is much stronger and higher in the sky this time of year than it is in late November and December. By moving our planting up, we hope to have our 3rd harvest completed out of all the houses by Thanksgiving.

The other exciting test we have running in our houses is planned seed hunts each turn, and also some smaller pot sizes and planting layouts to test. You will see these in the photo, are in the left side of house #1.

We hope you enjoy!