Skunkfoot Jar Takeover

This coming Friday 4/8, we have a SKUNKFOOT FARM Jar Takeover!

Skunkfoot Farms is located in Hebron, Maine, and they cultivate indoors and sun grown cannabis specializing in organic and regenerative cannabis production. Utilizing living soil beds in their greenhouses and organic and amended soils with probiotics for their indoor cultivation, Skunkfoot Farms offers clean and high quality products. They also do their own breeding and selection work as Skunkfoot seeds. 

This takeover drop features four varieties of flower, four varieties of Traditional dry sift pressed hash. Six types of cured BHO Concentrates extracted by Blue Sky Labs, one live BHO Concentrate also extracted by Blue Sky Labs, four varieties of Live Hash Rosin, four varieties of 1 gram prerolls, and 2 varieties of Rick Rollers. 

We will have 15% off all SKUNKFOOT Products, along with having their Team in the shop this Friday afternoon from 2-5pm! Come meet SKUNKFOOT , learn more about the incredible work the SKUNKFOOT FARM produces, and enjoy some great savings, and there may even be some shwag giveaways!

We hope to have you thru!

-Atlantic Farms