Fall Harvest Update

This season has proved to be one of the most challenging years in the past decade for outdoor cultivation of Cannabis in Maine and throughout New England. This was due to the dryness in the early summer coupled with prolonged periods of wetness, lack of sunlight, and high humidity during key phases of the flowering cycle.

Through knowledge, know how, and diversification, we were able to achieve some amazing results!

2 thoughts on “Fall Harvest Update

  1. Selina Cantrell says:

    wow thats nice, hi all, right after I got my patient license I immediately built a nice little grow closet. I am new at this, so for my first crop I just used bag seed of this strains https://blimburnseeds.com/cannabis/original/medical-cbd/black-mamba-cbd for practice. I have no idea what I’m gonna get but the seeds came from an outdoor indica dominant hybrid. The seeds sprouted 28 days ago and I ended up with my legal 6 plants that are about 8” tall now and are starting their 6th node. I’ve been viewing YouTube for sexing and it should be about time for them to fess up, but every time I look closely at where they say to look for little balls, or hairs as you really want, the
    little flap just keeps turning into another branch and a new fan of leaves. Am I looking too soon? These are obviously indica like plants, really bushy with wide dark green leaves. 7 leaves in the latest branches. By the way I’m using 400w worth of full spectrum led’s, lots of fans blowing around in there, and an exhaust that runs 24/7. I’m keeping it between 74 & 76* and I’m watering with 5.8-6.0 ph corrected water. My light cycle is currently 18/6. Anything else I should be doing? These things look very healthy and they’re growing like, well, weeds… I’m just scared I’m gonna end up with 6
    males so any help sexing these things will be appreciated.

  2. atlanticfarms says:

    Hi Selina,

    That’s great news! sounds like the plants are happy and healthy. Often you can reliably sex a plant by looking at what are called the pre-flowers. You can also establish the sex of the plant more definitively after it’s been in the flowering for a couple of weeks, when the light photo-period is set to 12 hours which is typically what you do indoors to induce flowering.

    Here is a handy link: https://www.growweedeasy.com/preflowers

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