3 Things to Look for in a Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary

When you first walk into a medical marijuana dispensary, the extensive choices and information can be overwhelming. Many people don’t understand the various strains, effects, and benefits of different products; however, there are several factors that patients should consider before selecting a medical marijuana dispensary.

Safety First

As you are examining different dispensaries, always consider the company’s health standards. You want to ensure your products are being created and stored in a clean environment, with proper storage and handling management, as well as a safe source of the product. It is always a good idea to inspect the manufacturer or grower of the marijuana, not only ensuring the quality of the product but also the cleanliness of the growing process. In addition, dispensaries should keep excellent records of transactions and your certification to ensure they are meeting the government standards for type of marijuana, amount sold, birth date of the purchaser, price, and the date of sale. Although these are not necessarily the customer’s responsibility, by ensuring your dispensary is following the necessary rules, you can be confident with the service and quality goods they provide.

Ensure the Quality

One of the easiest ways to check dispensary product quality is to test products. However, returning marijuana products to the dispensary is prohibited by law, so this method of quality checking can become expensive. If you do the necessary research beforehand, you will be able to better select a product based on the dispensary’s information of strain type, THC level, CBD level, and expected effects of the product. Helpful tools like Leafly or Weedmaps can aid you in finding the best dispensary for your needs.

Convenient Location

Dispensaries are located all across states with legal marijuana; you want to select a dispensary that is closer to you, but that still provides an excellent selection of products. You want to be able to trust your dispensary staff with questions about strains, dosages, and manufacturers. In addition, some dispensaries offer delivery for those who already know the products they need.

17 thoughts on “3 Things to Look for in a Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary

  1. Bree Ward says:

    I like it when you said that it’s always best to look into the best dispensary when buying marijuana products. You’ve said it should manifest safety, quality products, and convenience. In the event that I will be needing a cannabis medication in the future, I will follow your tips in finding the best dispensary in the area.

  2. rentre says:

    They said that medical cannabis is very effective when it comes to anxiety. At first I was doubtful so I started doing my own research and read articles about marijuana. I found out that each marijuana strain has different uses for different diseases. Like this strain https://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/hurricane/ This one is very effective when it comes to stress and mild anxiety. Let me hear your two cents with this.thanks

    • atlanticfarms says:

      Hi Rentre,
      we have found that strains high in Limonene (lemon Haze being our favorite) which is the second most common terpene in nature and a prominent terpene in cannabis. The fragrance of citrus fruit peels is comprised mostly of limonene, so you’d be correct to assume that this terpene takes its name from the lemon. Limonene’s pleasant odor has made it a common additive in perfumes and food. Studies have found that both orally consumed limonene and inhaled limonene vapor reduces anxiety in lab mice. Similarly, limonene also reduced obsessive compulsive disorder-like behavior (OCD). However, limonene’s effectiveness seems to depend on mouse strain or type of anxiety test administered, perhaps indicating that its anxiety-reducing effects may work in some but not others. Limonene may also have antidepressant qualities. Few human studies have been conducted on limonene’s antidepressant effects, but one small study of 12 hospitalized patients with depression revealed promising results. Limonene vapor inhalation reduced the need for antidepressant medication in 9 of the patients, normalized stress hormone levels, and improved immune function.

      It remains unclear how limonene achieves these therapeutic effects. Inhalation of limonene vapor increases serotonin and dopamine levels in key regions of the brain that are associated with anxiety, depression, and OCD. At this point, it’s unclear how limonene boosts these brain chemical levels. Does limonene merely stimulate the brain’s olfactory system, or is it directly affecting brain cells, themselves? The actual mechanism is an area for future research, but it’s likely some combination of both stimulating the olfactory system and direct cellular action.

  3. Angel Bogart says:

    It’s nice that you mentioned checking the cleanliness and management procedures of your local cannabis dispensary to make sure they are growing, storing, dispensing, and documenting transactions to state standards. Since Uncle George would be relying much on medicinal cannabis, it would help him if he gets his regular refills only from the best and most reliable dispensaries downtown. Not only would he get only quality weed for his knee pain, but he’d also be sure that his transactions are well-recorded and tracked for regular, consistent, and proper dispensing.

  4. Angel Bogart says:

    It’s nice that you mentioned requesting your marijuana dispensary for test results to ensure the quality of the weed they’re giving you, especially since it’s illegal to return marijuana to your dispensary. This would be helpful for Uncle George when get starts canvassing for the best dispensary in town for his excruciating knee pain. It would be good if the first requests for full product descriptions and research references for the particular products he’s going to ask for a refill before he starts buying from a particular dispensary.

  5. Angel Bogart says:

    Thank you for the heads up that although the best way to test the quality of your cannabis dispensary is to test products, it tends to be very expensive doing this. So, it would be best for Uncle George to simply do his homework and compare cannabis strain types by dispensary online to know which facility to best visit for his regular refills. Since he cannot return bought products, it’s really more practical to read and ask his doctor about the available strains and products before proceeding to buy.

  6. Adrian Jones says:

    I like how the very first thing you mention when it comes to looking for a secure marijuana dispensary is safety first! This is in order to make sure that the health and safety standards are up to par especially since this is medical cannabis we’re talking about at this point. If I had a chance to use marijuana for medicinal purposes then I would want to make sure that the dispensary that I would be visiting is legally registered so I could pick up what I might need.

  7. Angel Bogart says:

    I really appreciate it that you mentioned that you should be able not to trust and rely on your marijuana dispensary for the right and best answers to your concerns about weed dosages, makers, and strains. This way, not only would Uncle George be able to get the best services for his regular refills and dosage administration, but he’d also get the nearest dispensary from his place. He wouldn’t want to be traveling far given his serious knee injury which prompted his doctor to recommend marijuana for his chronic surgery pain. Since he hasn’t thought of weed as medicine, he’d surely appreciate the expert advice and explanations of dispensary staff should he have any questions, serious or otherwise.

  8. Selina Cantrell says:

    thats nice, Alternative medicine is more accepted nowadays due to its promising results unlike pharmaceutical medicine, alternative medicine doesn’t give a negative effect such as kidney and liver problems when it comes to long term use. As for my alternative medicine usage, I use medical marijuana. The different strain has a variety of uses and effects depending on your needs. Like this marijuana strain https://www.gyo.green/. This strain has a very potent effect on chronic pains like back pain and joint pain and a lot more. The benefits of marijuana, specifically the CBD cannabinoid, are undeniable. Let’s take a look at all of the ways CBD is helping patients every day.

  9. Sam Li says:

    I like what you said about ensuring the quality of the cannabis. I believe that delivery services are beneficial for medical patients. My friend wants to get some weed delivered, so I’ll help him find a reliable delivery service.

  10. Thomas Jameson says:

    It’s good to know that you should examine a company’s health standards before deciding on a dispensary. My daughter is looking for a good dispensary near her, but she isn’t sure what qualities to look for. I’ll pass this information along to her to help her in her search for a dispensary.

  11. Taylor Bishop says:

    I wanted to thank you for the advice for finding a medical marijuana dispensary. I’m glad you mentioned that you should research beforehand so you can pick the right product based on the information the dispensary has. It sounds important for this information to the descriptive, especially if it could affect what product someone should get.

  12. Laurel Larsen says:

    I definitely like the comment about checking out the manufacturers and growers to ensure clean storage and handling. Those seemingly small things really have a large influence on whether or not I’d buy from there. It’s definitely something I’ll be doing more research on in the future.

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